About Us


Like most kids, I grew up playing all sports. But, street hockey and pond hockey have always been my favorite. Every free minute spent playing hockey! My youth hockey includes playing Tier II and Tier I hockey along with JV and Varisty high school hockey. I then went on to play Jr's and NCAA D-III College Hockey. During high school, I became involved with coaching as an assistant coach for my school's middle school team. Currently, I am a USA Hockey, Advanced, Level 4 Coach with over 19 years of experience.

In hockey, I specialize in Power Skating instruction for players. Because of my love for hockey and coaching, I became a personal trainer. Through World Instructors Training Schools and National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have achieved two different certifications as a personal trainer. With all of my experiences and education, I strive to bring all of my knowledge to every client!

Charles W. Proctor IV
W.I.T.S. – CPT
USA Hockey Advanced, Level 4 Coach
Power Skating Coach